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​We are an one-stop Chartered Accountant firm providing accounting, tax, property consulting & training services to locals, migrants and businesses. 

  • Everything we do adheres to our unique wealth model – education, protection, growth and enjoyment

  • Value added, quality and affordable service

  • Family office means efficiency is maximized and costs are minimised

  • Flexible with our engagement – ad hoc, full engagement or just training

  • Well connected with reputable contacts in the legal, property& insurance industries


Our mission is to assist taxpayers preserve and grow wealth via sharing our knowledge and providing a family office.

One of the biggest challenges people face when managing their finances is trying to coordinate multiple people with different agendas.

Most people work long hours to earn active business and employment income combined with family life and other commitments means planning your financial future isn’t always a priority. This could mean you are missing out on opportunities or making one (or more) of the common financial mistakes. Financial planning and management is complex and requires an all rounded expertise.

That’s why the ultra-wealthy have what’s called a “family office”, one place to create a financial plan and to coordinate the execution of it. We believe a “family office” should be accessible to everyone. The benefit of this is you mainly have us as your main point of contact. We are well connected with reputable contacts in the property, legal, banking and insurance industries so can co-ordinate with them when needed.

Here, we help you to learn, think, plan, invest and enjoy like a ultra-wealthy person so you can feel confident and hassle free in your financial situation.

what our family office does
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At the consultation, you will learn:

  1. How we can add value and/or assist with your situation
  2. Any other issues to consider
  3. Potential strategy to address the issues

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