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Accounting & Tax Advice Pricing

NZ Tax, Accounting and Property Consultation

$338 ph

Verbal consultations to answer any NZ tax, accounting and property queries

Consultation regarding NZ tax, accounting and property matters, including the following:

  • Taxation on land transactions;
  • Property planning to discuss property strategy;
  • Advice on tax efficient structure and tax planning for the property purchase;
  • Investment strategies and structure advice on purchasing a property, optimize returns, grow wealth and asset protection;
  • Outbound and inbound property transaction & planning;
  • Personal wealth and asset tax planning for immigrants and expats; and
  • any assistance you may require.
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Expat / Migrant Tax Consultation

$338 ph

Verbal consultation with migrants and expat to answer any cross border tax queries.

Consultation with expat/migrants to discuss your affairs, including the following:

  • Overseas investments, income and assets;
  • NZ tax filing obligations (Income tax, Goods & Service Tax, Pay As You Earn and Fringe Benefit Tax);
  • Tax residency analysis and application of four-year foreign income exemption (aka transitional residency status);
  • Ownership structures and planning;
  • Considerations of Double Tax Agreement to minimise New Zealand income tax liability;
  • Tax advice on property transactions; and
  • any assistance you may require.
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Please note the above hourly rates are
– exclusive of GST & 3% disbursements
– subject to terms and conditions.