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Tax, Accounting and Property Updates

Welcome to our blog! If you’re looking for some practical advice to help you with tax, accounting and property matters, you’ll find it here. This page hosts a range of articles from Connie and other guest experts. These blogs and articles are aimed at giving you practical advice and helping you and your business succeed. We hope you enjoy reading our blog.


Are you ready for residential property tax changes again?

April 1, 2021
With significant increase in house prices over the last year, Government has announced a number…

A beginner’s guide to paying less tax (article published by Stuff – Interview with Connie Lui)

March 1, 2021
Happy new year everyone! Apologies for being radio silence as have been busy in our…

SOS for Tax DIY Enthusiast

January 5, 2021
Watch our video on SOS for Tax DIY Enthusiast

Asset Rich Cash Poor? How to fix with Commercial Property

November 10, 2020
Why are so many successful residential investors transitioning into commercial properties? Often they've realised I…

Aware of tax issues for owning foreign shares? Foreign Investment Fund?

October 5, 2020
Many migrants aren't aware of the tax issues when holding onto foreign shares after becoming…

Transitioning into Commercial Property Masterclass – 26 Sept at 10am to 12pm

September 15, 2020
Join Connie Lui, Director at NZ International Tax & Property Advisors (nztaxprop.co.nz), Blandon Leung, Director…

Tax issues for holding an overseas rental property

September 4, 2020
Many taxpayers aren't aware of the tax issues when they decide to purchase an overseas…

Boom or Bust? – Free property seminar on 15 August at 10am to 12pm

July 27, 2020
Join Connie Lui, Director at NZ International Tax & Property Advisors (nztaxprop.co.nz), Robert Cormack, Director…

7 July ITR due date – Common tax matters and complimentary webinar in collaboration with Stuff news

June 19, 2020
For contractors/self-employed persons who do not have an extension of time, 7 July 2020 is…

Why budgeting is important in a pandemic?

June 1, 2020
In our earlier post, we talked about some common mistakes that are negatively impacting financial…

Common financial mistakes to avoid especially in a pandemic!

May 19, 2020
In our experience, we have encountered some common financial mistakes by taxpayers which we have…

Tax relief summary to stay afloat

May 19, 2020
Tax relief summary in COVID seasonIn COVID season, government has announced various reliefs and incentives…

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