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Recently, our Director, Connie Lui, did a recent podcast with Shiraz Waheed, a tax accountant based in Germany/UAE, re becoming a non-NZ tax resident.

This podcast session covers the following areas:

  • Becoming a non-NZ tax resident under NZ domestic tax law
  • Requirements and process for becoming a non-NZ tax resident
  • NZ tax obligations for non-NZ tax residents holding a NZ rental property
  • Common misconception taxpayers have on becoming a non-NZ tax resident

You can view the podcast below or via our youtube channel .

If you are moving aboard and want to become a non-NZ tax resident, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss. Currently, we are offering a free consultation for new clients to discuss how we can assist and add value. Follow this link to book a time. Visit about us and our tax services to find out more about us and our service offerings.

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