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International Tax Planning

Income from two or more countries warrants attention, because if it’s not planned well, it may result in cashflow issues, paying more New Zealand and foreign tax or compliance costs than necessary, not maximising tax relief, and tax credits. Some common queries we come across include:

  • When should I dispose and purchase the asset or investment and are there any tax implications?
  • How do I maximise the claim of foreign tax credits for overseas tax paid?
  • What are my tax planning opportunities before year end?
  • How do I align a different balance date in a foreign country with New Zealand’s default balance date being 31 March?

Laws and changes to tax concessions are constantly changing, so regular reviews are important!

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We provide effective tax planning across a range of matters

Effective international tax planning can help you save New Zealand and offshore taxes. Our team can give you support in your tax planning, with the following strategies:

  • Eliminating double taxation by applying the double tax treaty,
  • Maximising foreign tax credits,
  • Maximising tax deductions,
  • Tax deferral opportunities,
  • Reviewing of rules and regulations, and the New Zealand tax implications. For example, does the personal service income attribution rule apply when I provide services to the client through the company?
  • Matching balance dates of entities in foreign countries with New Zealand’s default balance date of 31 March,
  • Reviewing planned disposal and acquisition of property and propose timing of the transaction, and
  • Considering the timing of return preparation and extending the time for filing requirements, especially in the case where supporting documents are not available.

In most cases, there will be something we can pick up and provide valuable tax advice on, regardless of your situation!

Don't overpay tax again with effective tax planning help by qualified NZ tax advisors

Get in touch with our team, who can help you create a tax plan that will save you several New Zealand and offshore tax expenses!

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We offer a no obligation free consultation where we can discuss

  • your overseas income and investments;
  • highlight tax issues and opportunities; and
  • how we can add value and assist.
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