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Why are so many successful residential investors transitioning into commercial properties? Often they’ve realised I am ‘asset rich cash poor’ and have decided to do something about it.

Great news! We have selected seven speakers to combine their expertise into a seamless upskilling experience for you, join us in Auckland or participate live online.

You might have questions such as:

– when is the right time to transition into commercial?

– how does financing work for commercial?

– what types of commercial properties make better investments?

– where should I look for good commercial properties?

– what are the risks in the commercial market?

– how should I mitigate these risks?

– what are the tax advantages with commercial?

– who do I need on my team to execute this?

Every. Single. Question. will be answered by our experts in the upcoming Masterclass: Transitioning into Commercial Property.

This session is structured into five key areas:

– Financing strategy to kickstart your commercial investing

– Criteria that make a good commercial investment property

– How to apply safety margin and reduce risks in commercial investing

– Commercial property tax advantages and tips to maximize your tax benefit

– Property laws and regulations for commercial property investment.

What others have said about the last event:

“Blandon and Al was especially awesome. Didn’t realise there were so many commercial property implications! Thank you”

John Lee

“Good overview of returns and risks of commercial investment, all aspects covered well. You should charge more for this!”

Michael Gisher

“The insights on getting into commercial were so valuable!”

Andrew Li

“Good information for new people, plus some interesting information for experienced people as well.”

David Young

Join Connie Lui, Director at NZ International Tax & Property Advisors (, Blandon Leung, Director at Mortgage HQ (, Alistair Macrae, Director at Haig Robinson (, Robert Cormack, Director at The Insurance Group (, Gerard Gill, Director at Bizinsure (, Bret Gower & Jason Hendriks at Smith and Partners ( as they provide guidance on how to transform your ‘asset rich cash poor’ portfolio into a ‘cash flow machine’.

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